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I’ve reinvigorated my profile over at, as site that *still* amazes me with the quality of photography. I’ll be making an effort to dig many year’s worth of photographs out from various media cards, hard-drives, and computers spread across too many places, all as a part of the Spring “Get Organised!” project. Not at all helped by Apple’s decision to kill Aperture, just as I managed to get my library into somewhat decent shape. *THANKS APPLE*.


From the private collection of Sølve Sundsbø.

I just love this image. I first spotted it on an Underground poster, and it was potent enough that I bought the album. It’s from the cover of the Friendly Fires album ‘Pala’, and is originally from the private photographic collection of Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø.

The album name has an interesting inspiration. It comes from Aldous Huxley’s final novel ‘Island’, which tells the story of a journalist shipwrecked on the fictional island of Pala – a utopia. Unfortunately the inspiration behind the use of the parrot photo is described a little more prosaically.

And then Ed said, “there are parrots on this island. Why don’t we put a parrot on the front cover? A massive fucking parrot.” — Jack.

Railway Art


A day of constant delays and service interruptions on the train network found me waiting aimlessly on train station platforms right across town. In my quest to find something, anything, to do, I started snapping away.

This image, heavily filtered in Camera+, is the result of one of those interminable waits.

A passing train and fluorescent lights have resulted in an image of dynamism and colour that strongly contrast, in my mind at least, to the dull and dreary underground station setting in which the original image was captured.

Cropped, filtered, rotated, enhanced, and squeezed for every ounce of colour information, the barest hint of it’s origin remains. Can you find it?

Build it, and they will come.

Merry Christmas everyone!


With the seasons

Living in England taught me many things; layering will save your life, beer can be served at higher temperatures than ice-cold and actually that’s pretty nice, yes you can fit that many people into a Tube carriage and by the way how about we try fit ten more just for kicks there’s the chap.

One of the lessons that I treasure most is this; be aware of the seasons.


Australia is a hot bloody place a lot of the time, and when it isn’t hot it tends to be raining. These two states aside, it’s very easy to grow up lacking a basic understanding of the order of nature.

Gum trees are perennials, so they don’t change very much. Plus there are lots of them, so in the end they’re just sort of there – background. We have native flowers but in the cities they don’t appear everywhere.

In England it is so obvious. February is the snowdrops, March and April is daffodils, early summer is tulips. Late summer is blackberries from laneway to the train station. In autumn the leaves turn and drop. Winter is bare trees and red berries.


The change of the seasons is easy to miss in Oz. Sure, it’s hot or it’s not, but until I lived in England I did not or could not pay any attention to the inbetween.

There are some exceptions. One of the few obvious signifiers of the seasons in most of Australia is the Jacaranda bloom.


The jacaranda means it’s summer.