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Santa Margherita Ligure

Happy Friday.

This comic by Kate Beaton at Hark! A Vagrant pretty much sums up my meeting this morning. Especially the instructor’s grin at the end.

“But what do you do if you’re in a fight and you’re losing?”

“Losing? That’s a bad strategy, son, plus it’s gruesome

Winning is what I do, stick to that

I hope this was helpful”

The only way to make a beginning is to begin


I suppose as you get older the creeping of time becomes a rush. Suddenly I am twenty-eight, and it is not since high school (ten years ago) that I’ve seriously pursued creativity for it’s own merits.

With this in mind and in the spirit of the quote that follows, I hereby begin. I intend to share my talents whilst I can.

“There’s only one way to make a beginning, and that is to begin; and begin with hard work, and patience, prepared for all the disappointments”.